Ultimate To-Do List
Professional Task and Note Management
for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Also Available for Blackberry 10


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A Complete Task / To-Do List and Notes App for Android Devices


Available in both a smartphone AND a tablet edition



Organize tasks by folder, context, location, tags, goal, star, and subtasks.

Supports complex repeating patterns (for example: every Tuesday and Thursday).

Track both estimated and actual length of tasks.  Includes a built-in timer.

Organize your notes into folders.

Link your tasks with contacts on your device. Allows you to quickly call, e-mail, or navigate to someone right from your to-do list.

2 home screen widgets: a new task button and a task list in multiple sizes.  A scrollable and re-sizable widget is available for devices running Android 3 and up.

Supports Toodledo's collaboration and sharing features.

The tablet edition features a resizable split screen view, designed for devices with large screens.


Synchronizes with Toodledo.com and Google Tasks, allowing access from both your desktop computer and handset.  Supports all features supported by Toodledo and Google.

Supports multiple accounts.

Automatic synchronization, including instant upload of changes on your device to Toodledo and Google.

Supports subtasks without a paid Toodledo Pro account. (Subtask syncing requires a Toodledo Pro or Google account.)

Optionally view your tasks on your device's calendar.


Includes 5 priority levels and a task status field (active, planning, waiting, etc.).

Option to set a time based and/or location based reminder (proximity alert) for a task.  When linking a task with a location, a location alarm will occur when you reach that location.

Optional nagging alarms remind you again if you don't hear the sound or feel the vibration.

Custom vibrate patterns, sounds, and light colors allow you to distinguish a task alarm from other alarms.

Snooze alarms until later if you can't do the task right away.


Filter and search on any task field.

Sort by up to 3 levels, on any task field.

Configurable display allows you to see the exact information you are interested in.

Save your filter, sort, and display options into custom views for quick access later.

Customizable interface: Turn off the features you don't want to keep things simple.

Choice of light or dark theme.